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When it comes to Angular developers, KenWeb Technologies is the one who owns the top 1% of all Angular developers in India. Our team always use the latest versions of Angular and they also ensure the performance, security, and maintainability of your code. With their experience, you can future-proof your applications by cutting down the technical debt and thus reducing long-term costs.

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Expertise in Angular Development

We faced issues with database connections and Single Page Application completion. Our quest for expert Angular developers brought us to KenWeb Technologies. Their team acted like our in-house supporter and provided prompt solutions to the problems that we faced.

This team of Angular experts has profound knowledge of how the framework operates. They improved our codebase for performance and sustainability. KenWeb’s programmers remarkably demonstrated their devotion to quality during the development process. Their devotion to personalized solutions was evident in each step: from preliminary phases to project completion. There is no doubt that the Angular team of KenWeb is outstanding and the best I have ever worked with.

Haresh Patel

Founder, Virva Infotech

Expertise that Drives Results

The team of our Angular experts has experience in development of high performance, scalable, and feature-rich single-page applications (SPAs) that are customized to the specific project needs.
Angular Web App Development

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Angular Mobile App Development

The developers in our team create Android and iOS apps with Angular and use Ionic or Apache Cordova for cross-platform compatibility, which makes the code reusable and reduces the development time. We develop natively coded mobile apps in a cross-platform environment.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs):

We collaborate with expert developers who create customized and innovative PWAs with Angular, Workbox, and other tools. We are reliable with the use of offline cache functionality, merging web and native capabilities.

Single-Page Applications (SPAs):

Our team is proficient in designing and developing flexible and interactive SPAs with Angular, RxJS, and Angular Router, making them scalable, fast, and providing a good user experience. Our products achieve this with a lightweight, but solid application.

API Development Services:

Our team covers API management entails everything from design, publishing, security, monitoring, and analytics. We promise effective implementation and integration, offering 24/7 support for high performance API functions. We use microservices architecture to have elastic and versatile APIs that serve complicated activities with minimal downtime.

Angular Enterprise Solutions

We utilize Angular's rich set of tools to develop strong and secure enterprise applications without resorting to third party tools. Our solutions range from standard to customized to meet the demanding requirements of enterprise software.

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We have helped more than 10 businesses to deliver Angular developers.

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Why Choose Us?

We ensure that the quality of the code takes the central stage when you hire our Angular professionals, following a rigorous approach to ensure our solutions meet the highest standards.

We do code reviews on a regular basis in order to discover issues early in the code and promote knowledge sharing.

Our developers use tools such as Protractor and others for end-to-end testing to ensure that the respective parts of the Angular application work seamlessly as a whole.

Our developers use tools such as Protractor and others for end-to-end testing to ensure that the respective parts of the Angular application work seamlessly as a whole.

We use CI/CD methods to catch bugs as soon as possible and to improve the code quality in the long term.

Our team applies consistent coding standards across the projects, so the code is more readable and maintainable.

We employ linting tools such as TSLint and ESLint in order to enforce coding standards as well as to detect common errors in our Angular project.

Kickstart Your Project with Our Angular Developers

Customized, latest solutions adapted to the needs of your business.

Our 6-D Process


Define your project

Highlight main aspects like time schedule, budget, staff members types, and objectives of the project.


Shortlist Developers

After understanding your requirements, we evaluate the list of our Angular developers and handpick the top 5 developers for you who will fit your expectations and requirements.


Evaluate and Interview:

After the shortlisting of developers, you can hold interviews for an in-depth understanding of their skill sets and their suitability for your project.


Conduct Onboarding Processes

Following the selection phase, you can bring the developer onboard and start the project.


Establish Monitoring Procedures

Set up communication plan and regular feedback structure. Furthermore, develop the measures for control of the project’s success.


Begin Development Process

Finally, you are all set and can begin the development process.

Happy Stories

Talented developers who go beyond requirements and technicalities to help you grow your business
KenWeb Technologies exceeded our expectations with their expert Angular development for our e-commerce website. Their front-end developers delivered a modern, responsive application with seamless user experiences across devices. Their optimal and customized Angular solution matched our specific needs perfectly.
Randy Tran
Our enterprise web application required an experienced PHP developer. KenWeb's dedicated resource integrated seamlessly with our team, maintaining a smooth development process. Their PHP expert's deep knowledge and attention to detail allowed us to realize the desired functionality quickly, with well-structured and maintainable code.
Amy Turner
With our rapid business expansion, we needed a dedicated team for our product lines. KenWeb provided an elite group of professionals who quickly integrated with our processes. Their expertise across Angular, PHP, and other technologies helped us cut development cycles and introduce cutting-edge features quickly. KenWeb delivered timely, accurate support that drove great progress.
Endang Everdeen

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a team of committed Angular developers who have the skill to build small to enterprise level web solutions. Moreover, they adhere to the best coding practices with the use of the latest Angular upgrades.

Yes, of course, our company gives support and maintenance after the project has been completed. This encompasses weaknesses in identifying and rectifying issues, as well as improvements and adding features to both our product and your needs.

Yes, you can hire full-time, part-time, or hourly dedicated Angular developers based on your project needs.

The rate for hiring an Angular developer from us starts from $15 per hour. Moreover, the final cost may change depending on how complicated and long the project will take.

Our expert Angular developers are proficient in working with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and have strong knowledge of Angular frameworks. Our team is expert in understanding how to solve problems, communicate, work in teams and manage time. They are flexible enough and can adjust to your project’s selective parameters.