Best WordPress Development Company

Best WordPress Development Company

This article is for all businessmen, tech founders, and IT people seeking an exciting new company to work with on the upcoming WordPress development project. 

We’ve compiled an extensive list of the Top WordPress Development Companies that we believe you must consider in 2022 as they strive to develop and expand their business. 

If you’re seeking help with your website’s development or making it more accessible, this list is the ideal place to begin! You might wonder why we picked these businesses over others.

First of all, these WordPress development companies have not only been doing excellent work at present, but they also have the potential for expansion! Additionally, these companies offer diverse services.

Find the top WordPress development company according to your requirement and convenience. 

Best WordPress Development Companies to Trust


KenWeb Technologies 4.8 4.7 4.9 5 4.85
WPRiders 4.6 4.6 4.2 4.8 4.55
DevriX 4.4 4.6 4.3 4.5 4.45
Vipe Studio 4.4 4.3 4.5 4.4 4.4
KrishaWeb 4.5 4.1 4.3 4.3 4.3
10up 4.5 4 4.1 4.2 4.2
Hidden Brains 4.3 3.9 4.3 4.1 4.15
Wholegrain Digital 4.1 3.8 4 4.1 4
Clavax 3.8 3.6 4.1 4.3 3.95
Magora 3.8 4.3 3.5 3.4 3.75


1). KenWeb Technologies

KenWeb Technologies is a tech education and consulting institution that offers custom WordPress development services aiming to educate students, learners, and businessmen about new technologies. The goal of this institution is offer end to end education to the masses and offer tech consultation to businesses that are starting out. Website development to ERP or CRM development, this educational institution has the knowledge to guide you to achieve the right path by helping you develop contemporary software.

2). WPRiders

WPRiders offers WordPress development services for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. 

Writers is a highly dependable WordPress website design company offering amazing extra services. They’re experts in improving the UI/UX of your website, and their excellent marketing team aids in improving both the reach and appeal of your content. 

Their monthly development plans grant you access to the resources of a multidisciplinary team, including outsourced CTOs, custom development of features, and live support for your website.

The team is dedicated to developing and expanding the WordPress website’s digital products, online platforms, and custom plugins to ensure you stay on top of the latest developments in technology for websites.

3). DevriX

If you’re in search of an agency that has a wealth of highly-skilled workforce and a vast client base that consists of WordPress websites of all sizes, DevriX ticks all the needs. 

DevriX also has a track record for custom-built plugin development, earned through creating more than 200 free plugins for their customers. 

With over 10 years of experience in developing and running WordPress websites and blogs, they can manage all your requests and construct top-quality final products for you.

DevriX is frequently acknowledged for its unique approach to web development. It has excellent communications and management of projects, a deep knowledge of the market, improved efficiency, and profound expertise in WordPress and other programming languages.

4) Vipe Studio

If you’re searching for a highly reliable and fully experienced WordPress development firm, your search may end with Vipe Studio. 

Vipe Studio covers everything WordPress for you, from themes and plugins, speed optimization, and web modification, to building a website freshly. 

Vipe Studio can handle headless implementation-related requirements as well. Are you looking to tweak an existing website, or do you want to design a new site? This agency is a great solution for both.

Vipe Studio maintains a strong presence within its position in the WordPress community, making contributions to the code base and sponsoring WordCamps.

5) KrishaWeb

KrishaWeb is a web development company for WordPress users. With more than ten years, the business has experience in branding, design ide

entities, WordPress website development, marketing, and eCommerce, to mention some. While their primary area of focus is WordPress, you can also count on assistance with Joomla and Drupal websites.

This WordPress development firm takes care of everything from backend and frontend development to optimizing and testing. 

They also go far beyond WordPress and collaborate with other open-source software systems, for example, Joomla and Drupal, and custom-built applications.

Their client base includes mammoth companies like Dell, Toshiba, and HP!

6) 10up

10up is among the most well-known and highly appreciated WordPress agencies, which handles the technical aspects of content creators’ businesses. The team comprises around 200 professionals who create sites and other tools designed for entrepreneurs. From design to management and strategy for WordPress website projects, 10up offers a range of solutions for your project to be successful.

10up Design builds responsive WordPress sites that help deliver great experiences across all devices. 10up designs simple products to manage once they’re given to you following cremation.

They are a company driven by metrics that seeks to improve the value of your brand by providing tremendous WordPress web design solutions.

7) Hidden Brains  

Hidden Brains InfoTech, an India-based IT Consulting, and Software Solution provider Company is a great solution for a low-budget WordPress website project. 

Hidden Brains InfoTech was established in 2003 and offers IT-based business solutions for Mobile, Web, and Cloud. It also has a presence in other countries. 

Hidden Brains offers services that include conceptualization, UX/UI design, software design, development, etc. It has created over 5000+ web apps and 1000+ mobile apps to date and has a large clientele in 102 countries.

The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has received numerous awards, including the “International Star Award for the Gold Category,” the “Aegis Graham Bell Award,” and Deloitte’s designation as one of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies.

Indian companies. It is a belief that WordPress is the key to successful websites.

8) Wholegrain Digital

The Wholegrain Digital agency is about everything green! Its WordPress sites that Wholegrain Digital builds are sustainable (less polluting), easy to access, optimized in SEO, and user-friendly. If you’re an environment conserver, there will be advantages in working with this organization.

Wholegrain Digital, an agency specializing in developing and designing WordPress themes and plugins, is a specialty. They were London’s first WordPress agency. They provide services to corporations worldwide, including clients in the Middle East, the UK, and the US.

The clients range in size from large corporations and small independent businesses. Their team harnesses WordPress’s potential to help them achieve business goals.

Their team is passionate about helping people and is great at helping them achieve their goals.

9) Clavax

Clavax, a top web, and mobile app development company, is based in California. They provide the best-in-class WordPress website development solutions. 

They are also present in Australia as they have the goal to reach more people around the world. Their applications have been developed for top brands such as Honeywell, VTI Instruments, and Auction. Over 150 clients have received more than 450+ of their projects.

They are Smart Era Developers. Their group of tech innovators and thinkers work together to bring your crazy ideas into the digital world. Clavax’s primary focus is to create innovative products and deliver the best services that add value to our clients in real-time. 

Clavax provides services to many industries, including Financial, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Education Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. They deliver 100% custom-tailored projects.  

10) Magora

Magora is a leading IT company based in London, UK. Besides unbelievable WordPress website development services, they specialize in developing mobile apps, custom software, and iPad development to help you maximize your business potential. 

They help build a business solution that is both user-friendly and a startup MVP. Their expertise extends to various mobile operating systems, including web apps, desktop software, Windows, iOS, Android, and many others. 

Magora’s mission is to assist clients in reaching new heights by providing software and apps that help them with their long-term plans and projects.

Most importantly, Magora’s team is open to new challenges and enjoys working in leading industries like transport, social platforms, medical and educational, logistics and finance, messenger, real estate, telecom, catering, property management, IT, tourism, etc.

How to Hire a WordPress Development Agency

If you want to revamp your WordPress site or develop an entirely new one, selecting the right WordPress agency is essential. If you choose the wrong agency, it could negatively impact the success of your website.

You must depend only on a highly responsive web development company with experts with vast knowledge of WordPress development.

However, the vast professional pool can be confusing. Therefore, defining certain requirements is essential to assist you in making the right choice.

Here we provide ten tips for choosing the best agency for your company. Consider these suggestions to help you make the right decision in selecting the most suitable WordPress development agency that can assist you in growing your company.

1). Take Time to Brainstorm

The process of brainstorming is the first and most important stage in the smart decision-making process. Take into consideration the kind of project you’d prefer to see implemented. Learn as much as possible about your project’s requirements and the goals you’d like to establish.

Do your research, develop an effective strategy, go to numerous websites (and never make a hasty choice), think about sources, discuss the strategy with your team, and then finalize the company’s list.

Understanding these aspects is crucial to give you the best information and an adequate base to select the best WordPress development company to meet your requirements.

2). Deep Dive into the Listed Portfolio of the Company

After a successful brainstorming session, following the brainstorming process, you should review your selected WordPress development company. Look through their portfolios and past work to gain a clearer picture of their performance. 

Reviewing their work samples will give you the most precise understanding of their intended audience, strategy, and method to complete their client’s needs.

You need to be sharp-eyed, which means you need to look beyond the scope of the agency’s work. To understand the in-depth approach of the business, you should think about asking the right questions. For example, they can share with you the details of a company’s web design method.

3). Company Review

Nothing is more authentic than recommendations and honest reviews. Look over the review section of the company. Those who previously worked with the preferred WordPress development firm are the most reliable source for determining the validity of the site you prefer.

Websites with higher reviews, positive feedback, and more positive reviews from customers prove to be more trustworthy companies to partner with. Reviewing testimonials is an excellent method to gauge the performance of their employees.

You can even request the agency to provide the client’s references or ask them to schedule an online conference to receive honest feedback.

4). Expertise and technical skills

Technical skills are the foundation of any developer. Therefore, before collaborating with any WordPress development company, it is important to check their technical abilities.

Every well-known company has a broad WordPress developers team responsible for various projects based on their specific niche. The most effective WordPress web developers keep up-to-date with the latest WordPress tools and technologies.

To determine their expertise in technical work, you can ask them numerous questions about WordPress’s newest tools, services, capabilities, and features. Also, you can ask questions about WordPress’s various areas like PHP, WordPress API, CSS, JavaScript, and so on.

This will allow you to easily assess your capabilities with the company and determine if they can meet your expectations.

5). Cost of service and project value

Businesses often try to save money while ignoring quality work and reducing expenses. This can be an unwise decision after.

Value of the project and Cost of service Both are crucial. You will come across firms with lower services costs compared to other companies. However, you must be aware that it’s not all about price but rather the high-quality service they provide.

If you can verify that they are legitimate and their working practices based on the abovementioned factors are excellent, you can take it as an indication of good faith.  

6). Flexibility and problem-solving skills

Most of the time, large companies fail to be more flexible when it comes to executing their projects. It is likely because they’ve been managing numerous different projects. It’s not likely to be a good fit for any project.

Whatever the size, each project is crucial. Therefore you must think about communication as a starting point to grasp it in the first place. 

Be aware of how WordPress web designers and other experts communicate with you. 

What other ideas or concepts are they sharing? Are they paying attention to your needs? Do their actions seem logical to you? Are you important to them?

If you ask these questions after the discussion on your project could serve as a powerful ramification for you.

7). Project and Strategic Comprehension

Effective and efficient WordPress development companies always pay attention to understanding their clients’ projects. They do this by creating a clear method to identify the most accurate project plans to meet the client’s goal.

 If you’re stuck for ideas, have no plan, and require a professional to help you with any brainstorming, then it’s your responsibility to discuss all that.

A clear plan and a strategic understanding are beneficial not only to you but also to the web development company as well.

8). Timeline Support

Timeline support is vital regardless of whether you’re working on a quick or a lengthy project. A lot of WordPress development agencies have failed to finish projects on time. Thus, ensuring that you have the correct time-frame commitment is of concern. 

The best method to determine the company’s performance is to check its reviews or directly ask them to supply you with the delivery date.

Certain companies offer commitments to timelines for projects that they have mentioned in the project agreement. If they didn’t mention this, you could ask them to provide the fixed date.

9). Accessibility of the Agency

What would you feel if you did not have anyone to speak to, especially when you’ve got to share your idea or want a few corrections. You’d likely feel dejected, particularly when you have spent thousands of dollars developing your website.

To prevent this, you should direct questions to the company. Find out how they handle communication. Do they communicate via chat, prefer video chat or other methods of communication?

Regular updates and meetings are vital to ensure efficiency and effectiveness on the task. Be sure to connect with developers, designers, and project managers to stay informed of every little or major modification.

10). After Sales Service Support

If you are getting your site designed and developed in the very first instance, you aren’t well-versed in technical expertise. This is the time that after-sales customer service became an issue.

Often, users experience problems with website performance, website page issues, and so on. 

If this happens, it is possible for the agency you have employed to discuss the matter and request that they fix these issues. Therefore, you should always seek an agency that can assist you with prompt after-sales assistance during and after their services.

FAQs About WordPress Development Company

1. Which is the top best WordPress development company in India?

Currently, it’s Kenwebtech. That’s the reason it’s leading this list.

2. Are WordPress and PHP the same?

WordPress is developed using PHP as the scripting language. However, both are distinctive.

3. What is WordPress used for?

In general terms, WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that permits hosting and building websites.

4. What are the biggest benefits of trusting WordPress for developing a website?

The following are the benefits:

  • WordPress is free.  
  • Updates are easy 
  • A great variety of themes help design a website quickly.
  • Hosting is easy and of reasonable Cost.
  • Adding website content is simple and fast.
  • Help is all around.
  • Plugins enable you to do almost anything on your site.


These are the top WordPress agencies in the US, UK, and Australia. After gaining perspectives from clients who have worked with these agencies, we provided the information. Also, we researched deeply before forming the list.

If you feel we have missed an agency worth mentioning, please leave a comment below.

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