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What is the Average WordPress Developer Salary?

Are you looking for the average salary of a WordPress developer? Are you planning to hire one? If so, you will find some interesting information here. 

The average salary of a WordPress developer depends on several factors. Experience level plays a large role in the salary of WordPress developers. 

More years of experience mean higher salaries. Likewise, the location of a WordPress developer also determines his/her salary. 

Typically, developers in major metropolitan areas earn higher salaries due to the higher cost of living in these areas.

Hiring an expert is a great way to speed up the development process. The difference between hiring a developer and doing the work yourself can be as much as two to three times faster! 

For many SMBs, time is money, so hiring a professional developer will speed up your time to market. But what if you don’t have the time or experience? 

Luckily, many resources are available to hire WordPress developers and dedicated companies.

What is a WordPress Developer?

The following responsibilities are standard among WordPress Developers:

  • Work with clients to create a site map that outlines the content and features required for the website.  
  • Create wireframes for every type of page to illustrate what content elements should be included on the page.  
  • Install WordPress as well as various important plugins on the hosting account.  
  • Develop customized WordPress designs and templates for themes that match the style and features of the client’s wants  
  • Populate the pages with content and test the site on various servers, devices, and browsers

Demand for WordPress Developers

With the help of plugins and themes, WordPress allows developers to modify their site’s appearance and feel in a matter of minutes. This quick creation time and low maintenance make WordPress an effective solution for all businesses.

A WordPress developer’s role is to design and manage WordPress websites. We’ll go into more detail about the WordPress developer’s work profile in this post.

With the growth of the internet business environment, we are experiencing a massive demand for WordPress templates and plugins. 

Many businesses looking to expand the next step in bringing their business online are turning to WordPress websites. The popularity of WordPress is unmatched, with 37% of the websites that are online today running on WordPress.

These factors make WordPress developers work in demand, and it’s hard to imagine a drop in this field anytime soon.

WordPress Developer Roles And Responsibilities

Let’s examine the duties and responsibilities of the job of a WordPress developer:

  • Designing the website
  • Make a theme for a professional website
  • Putting the website’s development to test
  • Design a website’s structure to make it more attractive
  • Create user-friendly web layouts and attractive, in addition to other things

Due to the sheer number of tasks, management depends heavily upon the team of developers to ensure the highest quality execution of the most effective methods. 

WordPress Developer Salary Data

The following information will help you understand this field of work. The data on salary and growth that you see on this page are derived from recently released Bureau of Labor Statistics data, as well as the editorial content derived from our research.

National Annual Salary

  • Low Range: $60,250
  • Average: $84,360
  • High Range: $130,800

National Hourly Wage

  • Low Range: $29/hr    
  • Average: $41/hr    
  • High Range: $63/hr   


What are the WordPress Developer’s salaries? How do they compare to other positions across the nation? Based on the most recent job information from across the country, WordPress Developers can earn an average annual income of $84,360 or an hourly rate of $41. 

WordPress developers earn $60,250, or $29 an hour if they are just beginning out or, depending on the state you live in, at the lower end of the spectrum.

What Determines the Salaries of WordPress developers?

There is no universal formula to figure out the amount WordPress developers make in a typical scenario. Indeed, the amount you pay your WordPress developers is contingent on a variety of aspects:


Nothing new or innovative The amount you pay your developers generally will depend on their expertise level. It is possible to search the market for new and inexperienced developers with lower rates or create a website for free, or you can seek out experienced developers who know their work and what they’re worth.

Type of job 

When it comes to WordPress development, there’s an inclination to lump all developers together. But, the difference in their responsibilities is clear. The first type of job involves the creation of custom themes and plugins completely from the ground up. 

In this case, you’ll require the help of more competent and skilled web developers with higher pay expectations. Here’s a straightforward method to help you distinguish the difference between these programmers and others: take a look at their titles. 

They usually refer to themselves as Front-end Engineers, PHP developers, or even Full-stack developers. The other kind of work involves implementing projects with pre-designed, existing WordPress themes and plugins. 

In this instance, you could recruit less experienced developers for smaller expectations for salary.


A cappuccino you order in Brooklyn is likely to be a distinct experience from one in Venice. In the area of your WordPress expertise, you’ll need to pay them so that they can afford the cappuccino in question and pay for other expenses such as medical insurance or rent.


Hiring a freelancer could be less expensive than signing all-in for an entire team of WordPress website developers. However, hiring full-time developers can bring advantages that are well worth paying higher salaries.  

Cost of hiring a WordPress developer: Getting Deeper

The cost of hiring a WordPress developer varies greatly, ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000. 

However, even hiring a developer, you’ll have to pay for different website components, including domain ownership, hosting, premium themes, and WordPress plugins. 

While these components are usually free, the cost of hiring a WordPress developer may be lower if you pay for them yourself, such as domain ownership and hosting. Some of these components may cost you up to $500 annually.

  • Glassdoor – $68,224
  • ZipRecruiter – $71,019
  • Indeed – $59,987 or $28.84 per hour
  • Payscale – $50,447
  • Neuvoo – $68,250
  • SimplyHired – $62,164
  • Average: $63,349

By estimating, you’ll be able to calculate an approximate average of $63,349 a year for a full-time occupation in the United States. But, these figures only reflect the median offer. It is possible to find WordPress developers who make more or less in accordance with the job’s requirements. 

And The Expert says…

The cost of hiring a WordPress developer can vary widely, but the main benefit is the execution speed. Hiring a developer can cut your time to market by two to three times. 

For many SMBs, time is a valuable resource, and hiring a developer helps to ensure your site will be ready for market sooner.  

Hiring a WordPress developer means choosing someone with extensive knowledge of WordPress and the necessary skills for the job. A developer must do everything from writing custom code to customizing themes and plugins. 

He or she will also have to handle migrations and optimize your application. You will likely compromise on performance, quality, and customer confidence without a concrete plan. In other words, you’ll have to compromise on a few things if you choose to hire a WordPress developer.

Another consideration when hiring a WordPress developer is the amount of time involved. WordPress is easy to use and comes with numerous resources for beginners. 

If your website is very complex or requires long-term work on design and implementation, you’ll need a professional. A seasoned developer can create a small project website in a few days. This means that you’ll be paying for a lot of man-hours.

 A WordPress developer will not only build your website but also improve the overall functionality and aesthetics of your site. 

The development process will also ensure the quality of your code, making it fast and reliable. However, you can choose to hire a freelance developer if you can afford it.

But If You want to hire a WordPress developer temporarily:

The hourly rate of a WordPress developer will depend on several factors, including the person’s experience, skill level, and location. 

On the popular freelance marketplace Upwork, developers with expertise in WordPress tend to charge more than those with less experience. A developer’s rate will also depend on their position, ranging from a troubleshooter to a full-stack developer. 

In addition to the hourly rate, other factors affecting a developer’s rate include the tech stack, location, and hiring model.

Hiring a WordPress developer can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. Some freelance marketplaces let anyone sign up as a freelancer. Depending on their experience, knowledge, and location, the rate can vary from $20 to $100 per hour. 

Similarly, another freelance marketplace, “People Per Hour,” has a list of available WordPress developers, their rates, and reviews. While the higher rates generally reflect better quality work, this isn’t the best option if you want to save money.

They will do all these tasks if you want a full-stack WordPress developer. They should have a lot of experience with APIs and SEO, an analytical mind, and an eye for aesthetic interfaces. 

To find the best WordPress developer for your project, compare the prices of several candidates and decide on the one best suits your needs. You’ll be glad you chose a developer with this background.

Freelance WordPress developer salary: Checking the Statistics

WordPress developers are a sought-after job for freelancers and digital nomads. While many web developers work in-house every day, many businesses opt for outsourcing and employing freelance developers to cut some expenses or search for the best talent from the global pool. 

While making the requirements clear for every hiring process, it’s more crucial when hiring freelancers with whom you will not have a shared office space and may encounter cultural distinctions. 

Make sure to include your business, its history, a full description of the scope of work, all of the essential technical specifications and guidelines for branding, along with budget and time.

According to UpWork (the world-class marketplace for freelance work), the average freelance WordPress developer pays between 20 and $100 per hour

To give you an idea, the average hourly rate for a WordPress developer offered on PayScale is $19.58 and $26.10 as per Indeed. In light of these numbers, the idea of hiring freelancers isn’t as if you’re cutting expenses. 

But, indeed, the hourly rate of freelancers who often work on smaller projects and the hourly rate of regular workers shouldn’t be considered in this manner.


What is the cost of employing a WordPress developer?

The price of a WordPress designer in the US can range from $35 to $60, multiplied by the number of hours devoted to the project. 

The simpler the site is, the less time required by a developer and the lower you pay. But, at present, few are happy with the pre-built features of WordPress, so the development time is increasing.

What are the essential qualities that make the best WordPress developer?

Here are 3 essential qualities that make the best WordPress developer. 

  1. The WordPress developer should create an attractive and intuitive website adhering to SEO guidelines.
  2. Knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and SQL is preferred. 
  3. Custom plugin development and API development are also key skills that make the best WordPress developer. 

How much do beginner WordPress developers earn?

The low-range WordPress developers make $60,250 per year. Less-experienced freelancers make $29/hr. 

How much should I pay for a dependable WordPress developer?

There are a few considerations when it comes to quoting a hiring cost for WordPress developers. The very first one is experience, and then come flexibility, additional skills, type of job, location, speed, knowledge, and so on,


While the cost of hiring a WordPress developer varies considerably depending on the type of project and the experience of the WordPress developer, it is important to understand that it is possible to save money without sacrificing the quality of the final product. 

The hourly rate for WordPress developers includes an additional charge from the outsourcing company. These companies pay for the developer’s equipment and cover vacations and sick days, which the direct employer often covers. 

Other factors that affect the cost of hiring a WordPress developer include the tech stack and location of the company.

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