WordPress Developer Skills to Master

WordPress Developer Skills to Master

There are many essential WordPress developer skills to master, but here are some of the most important ones to master now. Aside from WordPress itself, you should also master HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript

By the time you’re done reading this article, you should be well-equipped with the knowledge to make your way through the world of WordPress web development. 

What’s so special about this article?

Well, it will save your time from getting wasted on sharpening skills, which you may not even need in your WordPress development career.

We consulted with 14 WordPress specialists, gathered reviews from over 50 WordPress developers (from beginner to geek level), and figured out which skills help out the most during the WordPress web development career.

What Exactly Is the Definition of a WordPress Developer?

A WordPress developer can be described as a form of a web developer. They are experts in creating websites using WordPress.

 Also, they’re full-stack developers, which means they can create both the front-end and back-end of a WordPress website. A WordPress developer could be hired to improve WordPress’s capabilities WordPress software or create any client’s custom website.

WordPress Developer Skills to Master in 2022

This article is segmentized into two parts. The first part highlights technical skills ( development languages), while the second covers general and practical skills.

Technical Skills a WordPress Developer Needs to Master:


For WordPress Theme developers, knowledge of Photoshop and specialized coding languages like PHP, CSS, etc., are considered essential, but that doesn’t mean a basic level language like HTML loses its importance.

HTML is an essential tool for web developers, as it gives them control over their work and allows them to create a more structured approach to web page modeling.

The HTML and WordPress developer roles are essential for a thriving web development career. HTML gives developers a strong foundation in web development and gives them control over their work. 

HTML allows developers to create and manipulate web content, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) control the display of web page elements. So, you can figure out the importance of learning HTML.

2. CSS

In addition to HTML, CSS is an important skill for WordPress developers. This technology defines the look and feels of your website, allowing you to add and edit visual elements while also changing the layout. 

If you’re considering becoming a WordPress developer, CSS is a crucial skill. It dictates how elements are displayed on a website. This language controls font size, font style, and positioning, as well as animation and backgrounds. 

CSS helps you customize the look and feel of a website without needing to write code. CSS optimizes visible components, making them behave consistently on different screen sizes.

 It also enables you to position and space items properly on the page. And as a bonus, CSS is the most commonly used language for developing a website.

CSS is essential for front-end web developers. Fortunately, CSS is also compatible with HTML, and many frameworks offer this powerful tool to developers. Bootstrap, React, Laravel, Foundation, and Semantic UI are four examples.

So, to succeed as a WordPress developer, a person must have a good grasp of CSS. This language governs the appearance of web-related elements.

Without this skill, it’s easy to create an unprofessional-looking website. Learning CSS can take about 21 days. If you work seven hours a day, you should be able to learn the language in a few months.

3. PHP

PHP is a server-si, open source programming and scripting language mostly used to develop web applications. Most of the PHP code used in the core WordPress application is coded in PHP, meaning that PHP is an essential programming language for the entire WordPress developer community.

PHP code is the basis for making WordPress work. The PHP code is what makes a WordPress site store its information in the MySQL database. This includes everything from your blog’s name to blog post content to the details about your profile and your plugin’s settings.

WordPress users don’t have to master PHP to run, manage or operate a WordPress website. WordPress already includes all the PHP files and the themes and plugins to ensure they can work on WordPress without PHP or programming knowledge.

However, if you’re looking to become an advanced WordPress developer, it is essential to be familiar with PHP.

4. Javascript

JavaScript is a programming language that developers worldwide use to develop diverse web-based applications and include interactive features in the applications.

 Most internet browsers are compatible with JavaScript, which lets dynamic content be presented attractively on web pages.

JavaScript is a key component in WordPress development. A WordPress developer who understands JS can make various applications robust and scalable, making it easy for users to use these applications.

If you’re looking to become a professional WordPress developer, you have to master JS properly and make the right choices right from the start of your learning journey.

5. ASP

Learning ASP will keep you relevant. It is still a popular language for building websites and is one of the back-end building blocks of WordPress. 

It is easy to learn and offers a lot to beginners and more experienced developers. In 2022, this skill will remain highly sought-after by many WordPress developers.

6. Perl

If you’re unfamiliar with Perl, it’s time to brush up on your skills and learn to use them in your WordPress projects. 

Perl is a popular programming language that many people do not know well, but it is a vital skill to master if you want to make a successful living in the WordPress development industry. Perl is a powerful language that allows you to do some very interesting things.

7. Bootstrap

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that allows developers to create new pages, upload images, and modify menu items. Bootstrap helps out with all of these. 

If you are a professional WordPress developer, you need to learn Bootstrap as it is a front-end framework composed of CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap controls how the web pages look, including the colors of text, button appearances, and site changes on mobile devices. 

You may be wondering why it’s important to learn this technology now. There are many benefits to learning this framework, and it can be downloaded in just a few minutes. 

With its clean, customizable grid system, Bootstrap is compatible with responsive and fixed-width pages. Because of its mobile-first design, Bootstrap themes are fully responsive and render perfectly on all screen sizes.

8. MySQL

As you might know, MySQL is an information database. A bit of MySQL understanding can help you become a top Backend WordPress developer. It is best if you can configure MySQL to fix issues with MySQL and PH. 

Each senior WordPress developer must comprehend the basics of MySQL, how to modify the database, and understand its limitations.

Similarly, learning about RESTful APIs is a necessary ability. It is a great tool for making a black box for your site. It allows your website to interact with other sites. Using RESTful, website developers can quickly integrate various third-party services.

In addition to these technical skills, WordPress developers should also possess basic business knowledge to dominate the competitors.

9. Simple Photoshop

Photoshop will assist you in transforming PSD files into HTML. To convert a PSD file, use the Photoshop Move tool. As a WordPress web developer, you should know about Photoshop features like auto-select cutting photos, layer choices, and photo trimming. 

You can find YouTube tutorials that can assist you in understanding Photoshop and its numerous web-building features. Knowing Photoshop is an important WordPress developer skill you can acquire in 2022.

Practical and General a WordPress Developer Needs to Master:

Besides the technical know-how, there are a few things that you should consider when deciding to become a WordPress developer. Whether you’re pursuing a career in WordPress or you’re simply interested in advancing your skills, the following skills are essential.

10. Creating Robust Plans


In addition to the technical skills required of a WordPress developer, one needs to be able to make and execute plans.A WordPress developer must know how to create concrete plans.

Before they begin working on any project, they must understand what skills are required in their industry and how to break down work projects into smaller elements. They must also set priorities and achieve goals. If you’re not good at planning, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed.

11. Strategic Thinking

This skill is important for both personal and professional growth. In the tech industry, this can be measured through KPIs. Strategic thinking includes understanding the market and the industry, hiring the best people, and planning business decisions.

The skills learned while pursuing a career in this industry are highly marketable. Being strategic requires adopting a holistic approach to managing your team and business while ensuring you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Building strategies can increase your company’s chances of thriving and meeting its goals.

12. Business skills

As a WordPress designer, you need to be aware of current trends and standards in the industry. What happens if you launch a site that doesn’t get people’s attention after you put in a lot of work and time? A few tips and developing the hacking mindset are essential to the success of your website. 

It is important to think about two things: “How can I resolve the client’s issues with a website?” and “How can I resolve the client’s issues through a website?” You should also strongly understand 

“How can I enhance the website I already have”?

Today, even if you’re a mid-level WordPress developer, you can be successful if you have the right business skills. This will bring consistency to your earnings, and you’ll get time to learn WordPress development further.

13. Customer Service 

Experience is essential for a successful WordPress site. A developer with experience in business, eCommerce marketing, and digital security is a must for any successful website.

Knowing the customers of your business is essential, and knowing how to cater to their needs will give them an advantage over their competitors.If you can master the skills required, you can get a job in the WordPress development industry that pays well.

14. Creativity, Curiosity, and Passion


Passion and curiosity are essential skills for developers. You can be paid a handsome hourly rate by working for a WordPress development company or even work remotely. 

Many companies prefer developers who are curious and have a growth hack mindset. Think outside the box, and save your projects in snippets so you can reuse them later. Learn to create eye-catching headlines and images, and learn to create them.


What Does a WordPress Developer Do?

The typical responsibilities of a WordPress developer are:

  • Testing, writing, and fixing code
  • Converting the client’s requirements into technical specifications
  • Implementing and maintaining the website’s design 
  • Innovating and creating new features and functions

What’s the Average Salary a WordPress Developer Earns?

In June 2022, Glassdoor stated that the average WordPress developer’s salary is $64,245 annually. Additional compensation such as profits and commissions are estimated at $23,504 per year.

When you combine the median salary and the average additional salary, we’ll get the estimated total salary of WordPress creators to $87.749 annually.

What Are the Most Important Technologies a WordPress Developer Should Be Familiar With?

Text Editor

  • CSS .
  • PHP (HyperText Preprocessor).
  • Basic Photoshop..
  • MySQL (Database) .
  • JavaScript. ..
  • HTML.
  • Bootstrap..
  • Use of Github and BitBucket.

Is WordPress Superior to Coding?

WordPress websites are built with an underlying software for managing content that makes these types of websites customizable and flexible. 

However, HTML sites don’t have any software at all. It’s entire code, which is excellent if you’re a web developer but hard to manage when you’re not.

How Do I Become a Proficient WordPress Developer?

How do I become a WordPress Developer

  1. Learn the basics of programming.
  2. Learn more about WordPress specifically.
  3. Pick a focus zone.
  4. Create a development environment to allow testing.
  5. Join as a member of the WordPress community.
  6. Create your portfolio.
  7. Make your resume technical.
  8. Think about your ideal workplace.

What’s the Importance of HTML5 and CSS3 in WordPress Development?

If you want to learn the latest trends in web development, learning HTML5 and CSS3 is critical. While learning HTML5 is essential for WordPress development, learning CSS3 will help you be more productive. 

CSS3 is a powerful tool for optimizing the appearance of web pages. It allows developers to modify visual elements and layouts without writing a single line of code. Because it’s open source, you’ll have a huge advantage if you’re willing to learn this new technology.


It’s no secret that running a WordPress-powered website requires many different skills and abilities. There are countless aspects to running a site, and developers often wear many different hats. 

Large publications even create teams focused on different aspects of running their sites. But what makes them successful? Listed above are the skills that you should master in 2022. And don’t worry, there are even more skills you can master!

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